We are a team of ex-USCIS offcials who have retired doing EB1 / EB2 visas and excel in this catagory.



Your case will be handled by an experienced attorney.

We do not rely on paralegals and clerks to handle cases as many small firms and solo practitioners do. We believe that only adequately trained attorneys have the necessary competence to represent clients in legal proceedings. This is due to the fact that immigration laws and procedures are so complex and intricate that only attorneys are able to completely understand them. Clients pay attorney fees to buy the legal services of professionals who have gone to law school and passed the Bar Exam, not paralegals or clerks. At our law office, “attorney fee” means exactly what it says - we guarantee that our clients will get the best service for their money.


We understand the importance of effective communication with our clients.

Effective communication with clients is a critical factor of successful representation. Based on this understanding, we make every effort to interact with clients in an open, honest and timely manner. As a rule, our attorneys respond to clients' concerns within two business days and keep clients informed by timely e-mail or telephone call when new developments occur. The firm employs numerous technologies in order to accomplish our goal of effective communication with our clients.   We have recently implemented the Siebel Customer Relationship Management system, which allows our attorneys to more effectively communicate with each other and with their clients. Siebel CRM is an innovative technology that allows our attorneys to have each client's most up-to-date information at their fingertips, enabling efficient and effective communication.

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